As a kid (and as an adult), I was always fascinated by the world of Super-heroes.  I mean what kid in their right mind didn’t fantasize about dressing up as Superman and saving the world?   Or putting on their bat-costume to fight imaginary bad guys in their back yard?

But beyond the theatrics and entertainment value, these super heroes are a really just a dramatic representation of you and I.  Though we can’t fly, obtain super strength, or immediately heal from injury, we were all given gifts that are meant to change the world.  So the challenge for us mortals is simple: what is our super power, and how can I use it to change the world?

Sounds silly?  Well try to imagine a life where money is irrelevant.  Picture yourself waking up Monday morning after a wonderful, relaxing weekend.  What activities must you engage in that Monday morning so that you ‘look forward’ to waking up?  Playing music?  Coffee with friends?  Painting a picture? Researching something you want to learn more about?  Reading a book?  Whatever this activity is, try to focus on it.  Think about how you would feel the whole day, knowing that your sole responsibility is to engage in, and perform this one activity (oh, and try not to think about money, fame or prestige).


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